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Cherries On A Blacklist is a rock band currently located in Hamburg, Germany formed by Andreas (Guitar/Vocals), George (Guitar Vocals), Malapert (Drums/Vocals), and Gonzo (Bass). Three of the band members originate from Rhodes/Greece and one from

Monterrey/Mexico. Gonzo replaced former bassist and vocalist Sebastian Knop in 2009.
The band recorded their first EP titled “14” in the summer of 2008. Their debut album “Lakafigo” was recorded in winter of 2010 with producer Olman Viper (Null Zwei Studios in Hamburg) who has worked with bands such as Caliban, Jupiter Jones, and Emil Bulls. In August 2011 the band founded their own label named “Grey Ham Records” and through that released their first single “Goat in the Yard” on October 14th, 2011. The single was followed by their debut album “Lakafigo” on May 4th, 2012.
“Lakafigo” was well received by the media (reviews, interviews, airplays, etc.) from all around the globe (Germany, France, England, Greece, Italy, Spain, Holland, India, Canada, U.S.A, Australia, etc.) .
The band has performed around Europe, and shared the stage with bands such as D.A.D, Die Happy, Ohrenfeindt, Planet of Zeus, One Fine Day, and Asteroid. In 2013 Cherries On A Blacklist headlined their first international show at the VIT Riviera Festival in

“Barrel of a Gun” the first single of their second album “Glorious Days”. “Glorious Days” is planned for release in the summer of 2016.


VAyL ist ein Stonermetal Trio aus Berlin.
Zusammen zaubern die Drei ein akustisches Armageddon und schicken einen Ohrwurm nach dem anderen ins Rennen.
Ein groovig- melodischer Bass gibt sich die Bro-Fist mit donnernden Drums.
Brachiale Gitarrenriffs lassen sowohl den Slo-Mo als auch den Thrascher bangen
und mit etwas weniger „LaLaLa“ und etwas mehr „Hell Yeah Baby“
verkünden die Vocals die Worte VAyL’s:
„Go with the Goat!“

Judas Hengst

Zwischen trockenen Stoner Rock Riffs, atmosphärischen Post Rock Delay Eskapaden und einer Prise Verrücktheit. Das sind Judas Hengst!

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